How do I submit work for social media bounties?




  • Adjie310587

    my twitter on not connect with bounty0x

  • Laqosta Farm

    twitter is un conected, would you help me?

  • Botoex789

    my twitter conect bounty0x

  • Nhạc Sống TM

    I no understand that I am related to your bounty.

  • sunsweetBounty

    how to change my FB lnk, tw link on proffile

  • Bryansaputra986

    how to connect twitter account and fb with bounty0x

  • leema moore

    Please how do i connect my social media account with bounty0x

  • Maitefmg

    A mi tampoco se me conecta el twitter y llevo y más de 40 presentaciones retuiteadas. 

  • Sauravrajput

    Till date social media is not connected with my account

  • Botoex789

    orak mudeng ikih.... sebenere pimen cara maene??

  • Fadhil Kurniawan

    @Botoex, buka kamus bahasa inggris disit

  • Alik Bach

    unfortunately, I just read this now ((and I've been involved in the bounty for a long time (FriendUP) How can I charge steaks? Or is it not possible to fix it already?

    and my Facebook does not connect! Please, help. Thank you so much


  • Botoex789

    @fadhil kurniawan
    jan aku ra mudeng blas....
    jal jelsna sitik wae gan ben mudeng....
    iki sih di bounty endi ngono lohh ???

  • Fadhil Kurniawan

    Piye yo jelasine. Follow twiterku ae bro., arep airdrop opo bounty jg ono

  • Keks 'Van Tlou

    I have submitted my bounties for the Mandala project and non of my submissions have been approved, what can i do to get them approved? All of them are still pending.. 

  • Anna

    Здравствуйте! Подала заявки на участие в компаниях, а заявки висят в ожидании уже несколько дней. сколько нужно ждать одобрения?

  • Michael Ulu Oke

    How can I connect my Facebook and Twitter account

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